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Medication-Assisted Treatment
using Telemedicine

MAT is an effective treatment for Substance Use Disorders;
however, 30 million Americans don’t have access to addiction psychiatrists.
With TeleMAT, patients can receive care and addiction treatment
from specialists through telepsychiatry.

This diagram illustrates an integrated approach to effective treatment for substance use disorders that puts the patient at the center to receive care and addiction treatment through Telepsychiatry. The four pillars of care we focus on are access to a Genoa TeleMat Provider, Counselor, Care Coordinator and Care Facility Staff.

  • Genoa TeleMat Providers diagnose opioid use disorder and prescribe medication.
  • Counselors provide SUD counseling & refer to recovery support.
  • Care coordinators facilitate communication between prescriber, counselor, patient & provider routine support to patients.
  • Care facility staff handles billing and other forms of paperwork.

How does a TeleMAT program work?

Data 2000 Waiver
Providers who wish to prescribe or dispense buprenorphine products for addiction must apply for the Data 2000 Waiver

Initial Assessment
On-site staff will complete an initial intake assessment to determine if MAT is appropriate for the patient

Patient Education & Consent
Clinic staff will run toxicology report, educate patients on MAT & next steps, and receive patient consent

If an induction is needed, clinic nursing staff will facilitate an induction on-site at the clinic or in the patient’s home

Care coordination between the provider, counselor, care coordinator, and care facility is crucial for maintenance of MAT

For Psychiatrists

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For Clinics
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