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Embrace a flexible career while increasing access to care

Practicing telepsychiatry with Genoa Telepsychiatry

Take control of your career with telepsychiatry
Join a team dedicated to your telepsychiatry practice

Improve Patient Outcomes
Genoa Healthcare’s integrated pharmacy solutions increase patient medication adherence >90%.

Practice from Anywhere
Design a psychiatry practice that fits your lifestyle. Work from home, and choose your hours.

Increase Access to Care
Expand your clinical reach to people with limited access to mental health care.

Enhance your Career
Advance your education with our telepsychiatry best practices, webinars, CMES, & training videos.

An integrated approach to
behavioral health care

We offer integrated pharmacy and
telepsychiatry services so that you can focus on
what matters most: patients

This diagram illustrates one integrated approach to behavioral healthcare. The three pillars of care are Telepsychiatry, Pharmacy, and Medication Management. Telepsychiatry technology allows psychiatrists to provide care to underserved populations from anywhere. Pharmacists access medication, resolve drug therapy challenges, and evaluate adherence. Medication Management is tailored to patients with complex behavioral conditions.

Treat underserved
populations across the US

Join our community of over 6,000
psychiatrists & advanced practice nurses to
increase access to care in 35+ States.

How telepsychiatry works

Learn more about how our interview
& onboarding process ensures a
strong match with clinic partners

Ready to get started?

Here's what you will need:

Active state licensure

Availability to work at least 8 hours per week

Board eligibility or certification as a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner

Comfort with technology and willingness to learn

“I love working with Genoa Telepsychiatry because I know who to refer my concerns to,  and I usually get quick responses and my concerns are duly addressed. In summary, I feel like I’m well supported and this is encouraging to me in my practice.”  Tolulope Dada, PMHNP, APRN-BC, MSN
“I’ve worked for 4 different companies doing telepsych and Genoa is the best at organization and getting things done. Best at getting contracts and keeping that relationship.”  Kate Nesbitt, PMHNP

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Genoa Telepsychiatry

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