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Expand your care team
with telepsychiatry

Patients get seen in
days, not weeks

By leveraging the power of
telepsychiatry, providers can
increase their caseload without
the burden of traveling
long distances

Telepsychiatry is as effective as
in-person care

Robust evidence shows
telepsychiatry leads to
improved outcomes and higher
patient satisfaction ratings

Telepsychiatry has
favorable reimbursement

Telepsychiatry visits are
reimbursable by Medicare,
Medicaid, and private payers
in most states

Genoa’s circle of care

Find everything you need to staff, build, and
expand your telepsychiatry program.

We find a psychiatric provider
86% of the time

Managed Matching

A hiring approach with an 86% success rate
of presenting providers who are the best
long-term fit for clinics

Find a psychiatrist 

Program Management

Comprehensive support focused on
care coordination, clinical support,
and program success tracking

Learn more about Program Advocates 

1DocWay Platform

Virtual care delivery and practice
management platform designed to fit
practice sizes and needs

Learn more about 1DocWay 


Dedicated team that manages
credentialing, clinical workflow
design, and tech training

See how Implementation+ works 

An integrated approach to
behavioral health care

This diagram illustrates one integrated approach to behavioral healthcare. The three pillars of care are Telepsychiatry, Pharmacy, and Medication Management. Telepsychiatry technology allows psychiatrists to provide care to underserved populations from anywhere. Pharmacists access medication, resolve drug therapy challenges, and evaluate adherence. Medication Management is tailored to patients with complex behavioral conditions.

We have telepsychiatry
programs in over 35 states

Learn more about telepsychiatry in your state

Learn More About Telepsychiatry

by Genoa Healthcare / May 2019

by Genoa Healthcare / May 2019

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