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Here4TN Marketing eToolkit

On this page you’ll find Here4TN communication materials. These materials have been developed to help you promote Here4TN's programs and resources. Simply click on a link, then download and distribute.

Here4TN 101

These materials provide an overview of Here4TN services including Emotional Wellbeing Solutions and WorkLife Services.

Morale Boost Email

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Mental Health Matters Flier

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Services Overview Flier

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Manager Cheat Sheet

This simple, one-page document lists the primary Here4TN tools and resources available to managers.

State Agency Flier

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Flier for Local Ed, Higher Ed, Local Gov

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Take Charge at Work

Promote the Take Charge at Work program, designed to help working adults recognize and manage symptoms of stress and depression at work.


These flyers include information on how to manage stress at work, help with financial concerns and tips to bounce back and build resiliency.

Workplace Stress Flier

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Bouncing Back Flier

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Financial Stress Flier

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Many employees and their families are dealing with raising children and/or providing care to older family members. These materials highlight ways in which Here4TN can take the stress out of caregiving by helping members find trained professionals who offer specialized referrals.

Sandwich Generation Flier

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Coping with Grief

This flier promotes the importance of getting support while grieving and how Here4TN can help those coping with a loss.

Death of a Co-worker Flier

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Domestic Violence

This flier provides education on domestic violence and promotes Here4TN as a resource for those who may be experiencing it.


Promote the importance of a good night’s sleep with this flier, email and trainings.

Substance Use

Dealing with substance use disorder can be frightening and  overwhelming. Use these resources to help employees understand how Here4TN  can support them and their dependents.

SUD Overview Flier

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SUD Preferred Providers Flier

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SUD Parent and Caregiver Resource Guide

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Virtual and Digital Options

Here4TN offers convenient virtual care options including online access to providers with virtual visits and TalkSpace.

Virtual Visits Flier

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Virtual and Digital Options Flier

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Suicide Prevention

Provide education on suicide prevention, including ways to seek help.

Coping with Tragic Events

Unfortunately, the news is full of negative stories, including tragic events occur. Some tragedies involve unthinkable acts of violence, which can be difficult to understand. While people may process violence in different ways, this flier suggests several tools to help build your resiliency skill set in the face of tragedy.

Natural Disaster Flier

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Eating Disorders

Concerned about an eating disorder? Screen for protentional signs. If you become worried that your son or daughter might be developing an eating disorder, it's important to step in and seek proper medical care.

Concerned about an eating disorder?

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Community Connector

The online Optum Community Connector tool to find resources that can help with needs such as food, housing, transportation, finances and more.